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Now is the time

We have just 9 growing seasons left until 2030, but there are reasons to be hopeful. Since the publication of FFCC's ‘Our Future in the Land’ in 2019, where we first argued that health is everyone’s business, consensus has grown about how to create a better future by transforming food and farming. This was highlighted by the recommendations in the National Food Strategy, which shares the same analysis, and many of the same recommendations, as FFCC's landmark report.

Now it’s time to let governments know we want them to be bold, radical and practical, to create the conditions for business and citizens to work together to get this done.

Below, we are gathering recent research, responses to the National Food Strategy, case studies, podcasts and more to bring together FFCC’s work (and the work of others) to transform food and health across UK countries.

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Our recommendations

The actions we take by 2030 are critical. FFCC's landmark report, Our Future in the Land, sets out radical and practical ways for policymakers, business and communities to respond to the challenges.

FFCC’s work is now turning to implementing those recommendations. The UK needs to level the playing field for a fair food system, ensuring healthy food can also be good business. It also needs to commit to growing its own supply of fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses, as well as other products (from fair and sustainable farm businesses), and to using them more in everyday foods. Public procurement is a key lever in this transition, and the UK has the opportunity both to implement a world-leading public procurement process, and to use this powerful tool to transform the market.

We know that communities can build lasting change through good food. Expanding collaborative community food plans will help inform and implement national food strategies to meet the different needs of communities around the UK.


healthy food

the best option for good business

Grow and use

UK produce

from fair & sustainable farming


public procurement

to transform the market


community food plans

to ensure national strategies work for local communities

The evidence for a healthier food system

Our response to the National Food Strategy

The National Food Strategy for England is an important and timely call to action. It is clear that changing food and farming is a critical part of tackling the climate, health and nature crises and the Plan lays down a serious challenge to government and business to act now. Better public health and a more sustainable society are within our grasp.

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Communities can create lasting change

The Food Builds Communities report shows that communities that work with food can creating lasting change. It highlights how communities’ work on food can help shape a new national food system and ensure a more sustainable food future.

The current food system operates at a high cost to nature, climate and health, but this report shows that many communities are already taking significant action. With the right support and policies, local communities could be at the forefront of leading a transformation of our food system.

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The public wants government intervention on healthy food

Research conducted by FFCC shows that, if you provide the right messaging, 70% of citizens would support the government enacting policies to reduce the impact of food production on the environment and 62% see that it is government’s responsibility to set policies and regulations so that it is easier to eat healthy food.

Shifting the system shows that people want governments and businesses to be brave and bold on food issues.

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Healthy food resource hub

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