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Story submission

The Field Guide for the Future is a place for you to share what you’re doing differently.

We’re particularly interested in how your project / business / organisation / initiative works – the story of the ‘doing’ rather than the ‘done’ end product. How are you doing things differently? What has unlocked this change for you? How did you go from where you were at to where you wanted to be? The story of the transition.

For example, if you are organising farmer networks to talk about mental health, this story of change could be something as simple as meeting to talk in different circumstances - i.e. going to the pub to talk rather than a formal meeting place. We’d be interested to know how this broke down the barriers to getting people to open up and talk to each other.

We would like this to be an easily understandable, clear and personal account. It will recognise that learning and collaboration can be a messy and difficult process, but by showing an honest account of what worked and what didn’t, we hope to show what conditions are necessary for effective learning and change.

Things to consider can include:

  • What was tricky and difficult?
  • What did you learn from this?
  • Was that surprising?
  • Details of the learning process.
  • What worked well and why?
  • What didn’t work well? Is it useful?
  • What are the optimal conditions for learning and change within a system?
  • Recommendations for someone doing something similar

You can use the question prompts below to submit your answer, or feel free to attach a Word document or a short video instead - it's up to you. Please attach any supporting photographs or videos too.

Please read the disclaimer here which outlines how the stories will be used, consent and permissions.

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