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Field Guide for the Future

Good practice & stories of change. The future, happening now.


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Showing innovative practice and stories of change – the future is here.

Documenting the ways in which people and communities are responding to Covid-19.


A place for stories, sharing and practical advice. We first published the Field Guide for the Future in print to accompany our final phase one report. The report’s recommendations were shaped by our observations that creative, courageous and sustainable change is underway everywhere.

We showed how farmers, food producers and public organisations are making health central to their work. We showed how farmers and land managers are leading the movement for change, adapting their practices to respond to the big challenges ahead. We showed how environmentalists, farmers and local communities are exploring together how to shape a landscape that meets many needs. And we showed how communities in the countryside are finding ways to flourish through creative and purposeful work together.

And now, in this online version, we will continue showing these changes. We hope it becomes a place to drop in for inspiration and to see what’s happening near you and further afield. The future, happening now.

Contribute a Field Guide for the Future story

We’re looking for stories of doing things differently and what you’ve learnt from this. What worked well and why? Was this surprising? If you’re a farmer, this might be innovative new practices to restore biodiversity. Or perhaps you’re working with local people to increase access to food for the vulnerable? Whatever story you have to tell, we’d love to hear from you.

Contribute a Road to Renewal story

We want to hear how your business or community has changed and adapted in response to Covid-19. Are you a farmer? How are your usual markets affected? Are you a retailer? How is your business managing? What changes are you making? What will you need long term? Tell us about what’s important to you – what you want us to know.