Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Our mission

We sometimes say the Commission is growing into a ‘community on a mission'.

Our mission is to bring together unique combinations of voices – from farmers to activists, businesses to government, academics to practitioners and many more – to devise a range of practical actions that can have significant impact on our climate, health and economy.

We aim to encourage debate and explore a range of often disconnected issues which, when understood as part of a whole system, provide solutions to some of the most intractable problems of our time.

We work with partners and communities across the UK to make:

  • Healthy food everybody’s business, levelling the playing field for a fair food system
  • Farming a force for change, with a transition plan for agroecology by 2030, and the resources to back that plan
  • The countryside work for everyone, with a framework for sustainable land use and nature restoration, with flourishing rural economies and thriving communities where people can afford to live and work.

A bit about us:

We started off life in November 2017 as an independent inquiry hosted by the RSA and funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. After a couple of great years at the RSA, we became an independent charitable organisation in April 2020 and continue to be generously supported by Esmée.

We are a small organisation, working in partnerships and collaborating with colleagues around the UK. We start with a little humility, knowing very well that we don’t know all the answers, but with a fierce optimism that what we do collectively can add up to something extraordinary, if we put our heads, hearts and will together. We value learning, the kind that comes from linking rigorous and scientific research, local knowledge and lived experience, with a healthy dose of critical inquiry. In fact, creating and sustaining the right conditions for learning how to live differently together – and fast – is the essential skill for leaders today. And with so much to do, we want to help develop and resource self-organising networks, in communities and in sectors, co-designing the version of the future we want to help bring to life.